Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Long Channels Boehner: Not Only No, But HELL NO!

Breaking News from KY3:
The Republican Party candidate for the 7th District congressional seat, Billy Long, has declined an invitation to debate on KY3. Long's Democratic Party opponent, Scott Eckersley, agreed to the debate, which would have been televised commercial free in prime time in early October.

KY3 has partnered with the Springfield News Leader, KSMU and Ozarks Public Television over the past decade to produce debates involving races for the U.S Senate and for the Missouri governor's office. We are still waiting to hear from the candidates in Missouri's U.S. Senate race about a possible debate.
While you're hear, listen to Dr. John Lilly, president of the Young Conservatives, tell how he heard that his group was going to sponsor a debate/forum (hint: he found out about the debate the same way Eckersley found out about the debate---from the press release).

Listen as Dr. Lilly tries to answer the question, "Who is calling the shots for this debate?"

Remember when Long was on KSGF earlier talking about making 'the deal'? I do. He said:
because I’ve been in sales, I’ve been in negotiations my whole life, OK, I’ve negotiated a million real estate deals, contracts, and, you have to have people that are dealing in good faith. When one is and one isn’t, you can’t get a deal put together...I’m not going to let Scott Eckersley cram things down my throat.

Long also said in this radio interview that Eckersley wanted the debates "it’s kinda like my way or the highway." He used the same phrase with me on Monday: "oh no, it’s that or nothing, my way or the highway, you know."

Now it seems like Long, though Royce Reding, is telling Eckersley that it's "my way or the highway." I guess a good saw cuts both ways?

I keep remembering what Billy told me on Tuesday, "...I’m not afraid of anybody. Anywhere, anytime., you know."

Remember this? I do. Back when Billy was still doing interviews he sat down with David Catanese last April.
DC: On a serious note, I mean, that,that is a major (unintelligible)

BL: This whole thing hasn't been serious?

DC: Well, but you diverted me earlier. But the president...

BL: How'd I do that? I didn't mean to...

DC: Well the president...

BL: I'm not that good. I'm new at this Dave, don't be saying I diverted you.

DC: The president, well you know what I was talking about earlier, the president's plan to bring home most of the troops...

BL: How would you like to debate me?

DC: I'm doing that right now.

BL: Yes, no you're not. How would you like to do it on the campaign. I hear it's gonna be fun.

DC: I want to I want to hear some of your auctionering voice.

BL: I think you get me up against some of these people that are prim and proper and their handlers have told them just what to say and then you get me out there and I think it's going to be very interesting.

A frequent bus rider just emailed me this message: KOLR 10 announced tonight that Long turned them down on their offer to debate....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OK, Now What?

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010